Byomkesh ‘Jishu’ Bakshi to track down mysteries


Kolkata: The crisp dhoti, the shawl and the black thick-rimmed spectacles look perfect. So do the Spiky hair, ear stud and unisex pendent. Jishu Sengupta has emerged beautifully like a chameleon.

His capability to adopt and blend in the characters has emerged big. Being in two different avatars with each role promising is quite hard. Jisshu has pushed his acting capability and audience’s expectation notches high. Switching characters and playing them simultaneously is quite challenging. ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’ and playing the villainous role as Tybalt in Aparna Sen’s ‘Romeo-Juliet’ story in ‘Arshinagar’

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According to reports, Jisshu will be seen slipping into the shoes of Abir Chatterjee in the franchise for the next installment, based on Kahen Kobi Kalidas. A calm face with a new attitude will be seen.