Bus Smashes 2 Young, Fierce Chingrighata


Kolkata: A bus have smashed two young at Chingrihata Crossing. They were crossing the road with by-cycle.

Reportedly, the bus driver has violated the traffic rule. He took the right turn towards Salt Lake Sector-V when the signal was red. The victims are Biswajit Bhuiyan and Sanjay Banu of Shanti Nagar,Naobhanga,Bidhannagar.

This incident collapsed the entire Eastern Metropoliton Bypass.

বাসের চাকায় পিষ্ট দুই যুবক, রণক্ষেত্র চিংড়িঘাটা

Local people have vandalised the bus and police car. Agitated locals protest as adequate number of police are not there to tackle the situation.

As a result a good number of local people pedestrians started showing their agitation and started pelting stones & bricks. The wind screen of one Govt. Bus of route no. S-30 was ransacked and three other buses were set on fire on E.M. Bye-pass adjoining PSs have been asked to remain present along E.M. Bypass. DC, SED is also on way to the spot with force.

Both the injured persons were removed to NRS Hospital and declared brought dead there.

Police have lathi-charged on the agitated locals. Fierce situation at the spot.