Bus Race Debars Woman Hand


Kolkata: A woman lost her hand in an accident at AJC Bose Road. Two buses were racing at the time of the accident. Victim’s name is Shabana Akbar. The area of the accident comes under Karaya Police Station Area. The victim is now in an ICCU unit of a private hospital. The family has lodged a FIR at Shakespeare Sarani Police Station.

According to the source, she was returning home after leaving her daughter for school. She was trying to cross the road; a bus pushed her back and squeezed her hand. Local residents rescued her and admitted to National Medical College. Due to her critical condition she has been sent to a private hospital. Reportedly, after a discussion with the family doctors took the decision to disbar the right hand.

Police said, two buses of 230 routes were racing among them.

Police has arrested the accused bus driver. Family has urged for proper punishment to the administration.