Bus Owners Move HC Over Alleged Excessive Fine


Kolkata: The bus owners are not satisfied with the signaling in Kolkata. They have claimed that it is due to this signaling that more fines are being levied upon the bus owners. They have alleged that the police are stopping the buses at any place and are taking fines in the name of breaking the signals. They have also accused the police of detaining the buses for several days.

As a reslut, the owners are facing great difficulty. Seeking its solution, four bus owners’ associations moved to the Calcutta High Court. On Monday, Justice Arindam Sinha has accepted the case. A hearing on it is likely today or Tuesday.

Minibus operators’ Samannay committee’s joint secretary Pradip Narayan Basu said that despite of giving time limit in case of red signals on road, but it is not being given in green signals. As a result, it becomes unclear when the green signal is ending.

While crossing road, if the green signal is ending suddenly then at that time if any bus is crossing the road, thet that bus is being fined for breaking signals.