All Those Burning Pak Flag Deserve To Be Butchered: Musharraf


Islamabad: Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf said that it was saddening that India was pulling out of SAARC summit.

He said that India had its influence on Afghanistan and Bangladesh, who too were likely to scuttle the summit under India’s influence.

He further added that the Uri attack in Kashmir, for which Pakistan was being blamed, was being escalated to a political level.  Musharraf slammed Sushma Swaraj’s speech at the UN General Assembly by calling it cosmetic.

“Unless you remove the causes of anger, there will be no peace. The causes that have lead to conflict and war, unless you remove them, no amount of visiting on birthdays will work. It is unfortunate that Pakistan is blamed for everything while you refuse to address the core issues,” he said.

“You are looking at effects of Uri attack. This is a way too serious issue to be dealt with emotionally. Immediately after every incident, in the next 12 hours Pakistan is blamed. Not only Pakistan, you say it is the Pakistan government and the Army that is responsible,” he said. He also said that allegations smearing Pakistan government and Army lead to unnecessary escalation and hysteria among people.

The cause is not being addressed. Talking about the Indus Waters Treaty, Musharraf said that Pakistan was not rattled and in fact was fully prepared for retaliation.

“Stopping water to Pakistan will escalate conflict to an unacceptable level, Pakistan will not sit idle if India does that,” Musharraf said.

“I don’t believe in India bashing, I believe in peace with India. There has to be a resolution with the cause which is Kashmir. But you cannot have peace at our cost, on your dictation. Let there be a give and take,” said Musharraf.

He added that RAW and ISI do the same thing. Musharraf was vehement in his attack on the anti-Pakistan elements in his country.

When asked about Brahamdag Bugti, Musharraf said that he was not acknowledged among the members of his own community. He added that Bugti was distorting facts and that the European Union and other international organisations supporting him were largely misinformed.

He said that it is Indian machination that is influencing United Nations and European Union. “There are a few separatists in Balochistan who are playing under RAW. Those who stay in Pakistan, burn Pakistan’s flag and raise anti-national slogans deserve to be butchered,” said Musharraf.

He further added that there was no violation of human rights while dealing with anti-Pakistan elements within the country.

India Today