‘Burima’ Worshipped Instead Of Kali In Bankura’s Raj Family


Bankura: The century-old tradition is still followed in this puja in Bankura. In Bankura’s Raipur’s Shyamsundarpur’s Raj family, Goddess Lakshmi or ‘Burima’ or ‘Shorchakra Basini’ is worshipped as Goddess Kali.

According to myth, the then king of the Raj family, Chatranarayan Deo dreamed of Goddess Lakshmi who told him in his dream that she is Goddess Kali herself. She instructed him that no one should worship her in the form of an idol. Since then, Kali is not worshipped in the form of an idol. Every year, Devi Lakshmi is worshipped as ‘Shorchakra Basini Dakshina’ Kali. This tradition has never been broken till date.

Raj family’s pries Anupam Gangully said that since the king saw the dream, no one in the area had the courage to worship Kali in the form of an idol. On the night of Puja, the Kula-Lakshmi or the Lakshmi which is worshiped in the household year after year, is brought to a particular temple. After completion of Puja, she is again taken back to the Raj house, The priest also informed that animal sacrifice (goat) is still done here.

The present priest of the family Pashupati Narayan Deo said that as per instructions of Ma or Goddess, no one has made the idol of Kali to worship. In the past, those who tried worshipping idols, faced lot of problems, seeing which no one repeated it.

Reported By: Timirkanti Pati
Edited By: Saheli Dey