Burglary In The House Of Great Economist’s Kin


Bolpur: A burglary took place at the house of Kajri Roy Chowdhury, the sister of eminent economist, philosopher and the Nobel prize winner Amartya Sen in Guru Palli area of Bolpur , Shantiniketan on Tuesday night. Although Kajri Roy Chowdhury lives in Kolkata but she visits her Shantiniketan house twice in a year.

According to local sources, on Tuesday night, the thieves entered into the house through the kitchen window by breaking them. Two cabinets of the house were broken and looted the belongings. The police came to the spot on Wednesday morning after getting the information. However, police could not tell the exact amount of money that has been stolen.

Bolpur police has started their investigation in this incident. Neighbours saw the window of Kajri Devi’s house broken. They suspected something was wrong and informed the police. Kajri Devi was also informed soon. The police came and started investigation.

Although, police couldn’t arrest any suspect in the incident as of now. But they have assured that the investigation will be done quickly to nab the culprits.