Budhadev Strokes Out ‘Congress Culture’ at Alimuddin Street


Kolkata: Former Chief Minister Budhadev Bhattacharya Slams the party members for showing unrest in front of CPM Headquarters at Alimuddin Street demanding change of candidate. Budhadev who was getting inside his car, said that “there will be no use of showing unrest here. All the decision will be taken by the party.”

According to political scenario, Budhadev Bhattacharya is rarely seen in this type of mood. Many think that due to heavy pressure due to polls and alliance he was in such a foul mood. To make matters calm some protester were called inside the party office. According to source, the protesters have sat in a meeting with Biman Basu and Suryakanta Mishra.

CPM has left Bhatpara Assembly Centre to RJD, which has initiated all the problems. After RJD has declared its candidate list, all the unrest has started. Which now has reached CPM Headquarters.