Budget is ‘Machher tele Machh Bhaja’: TMC


Budget is ‘Machher tele Machh Bhaja': TMC

After the presentation of the Budget, the after effects did not go in well with the TMC and CPIM parties Saugata Roy and the TMC spokesperson Derek O Brein said that This Union Budget 2015 is not for the people, not for the poor and not for the middle class and talks on giving more to the States is untrue. Last year, gross output to States was 61.88%. This year it is 62%

They felt that the Budget is a sign of  Machher tele Machh Bhaja (Frying fish in fish oil). Federalism is nothing but a hollow affair at the end of the day in connection to the Budget.

They even raised the question regarding the action and the execution plan of the government.Lot of projects – BRGF, Modernisation of police, National Mission on Food Procurement, National e-governance plan and 15 other Schemes has been delinked from Central funding, cited the TMC representatives.

Service Tax has been increased. Middle class will be hurt. Prices of essential commodities will go up. The CPIM also held the same view with TMC in this regard. They also felt that it is not a budget for the common class.