Budge Budge Dead Animals Meat Supply: KMC Seizes Samples


Kolkata: Continuing its drive to assess quality of food including chicken, meat Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) on Friday conducted a drive in Kolkata near Sealdah Station.

KMC have collected samples of cooked as well as raw chicken and mutton from both restaurants as well as street food stalls to examine whether chemical like formalin is or not or which animal it is.

On Thursday, locals beat up two youth and handed them over to the police after they were found taking away flesh of dead animals from a dump yard in Budge Budge in order to supply it to different eateries and restaurants.

Locals often used to find the duo moving around the dump yard and it led to their suspicion. It was on Thursday when some of the locals followed them and they were caught cutting flesh from the bodies of dead animals thrown in the dump yard.

One of the youth was Raja Mallick and the other was a taxi driver named Milsel Shyamlal. They used to pack the flesh and take it to a place at Kabardanga in the extreme southern part of the city in the taxi.

Raja told locals that they used to take it to Kabardanga where they used to hand it over to a person who used to process it and pack it in small plastic bags. The same person then used to supply it to a section of eateries in and around the city.

The mob turned irate when they their suspicion turned true and allegedly manhandled the duo. The taxi was also damaged. Police went to the spot and brought the situation under control. They were handed over to the police and detained subsequently.

Police came to know about two other youth – Sunny and Nimai – who are also allegedly involved in it. Cops have initiated a search for the same. Police suspect involvement of more people in this connection. Police will take both of them to the place at Kabardanga where they used to supply the same.