Buddha’s Lobby To Get Strong Message After Ritabrata’s Suspension

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Kolkata: The CPM leader and MP Ritabrata Banerjee recently made some derogative remarks against his own party on a Private news channel, which made his own party leaders determined to suspend him from the party. This decision will surely give a strong message to the near and dear one of Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee.

ঋতব্রতকে ছেঁটে ফেলে কি বুদ্ধলবিকে কড়া বার্তা আলিমুদ্দিনের?

Earlier he was allegedly broke the particular rules and regulations of the party and the state committee decided to remove him from the party. But this time his behavior crossed another level and now the central committee decided his fate.

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Earlier On August 8, Banerjee was sacked from the state committee and the PM state committee meeting decided his fate, accused of leading a “lavish lifestyle not in line with the party’s ideology” and allegedly leaking party affairs to the media. The party is divided over whether to expel him or drop him from the state committee.

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A three-member committee headed by CPM MP Mohammad Salim looked into the allegations, including that of leaking information to the media. Sources said the committee had prima facie found some evidence against Banerjee.