BSF Seizes Cache Of Arms In Indo-Pak Border


Chandigarh: Huge amount of firearms has been seized from Dera-Baba Nanak Sector of Gurudaspur in Punjab adjourned to Pakistan Border. Bulk of AK-47, Cartridges, and Grenades has rescued by Border Security Force. Last week, a rocket-launcher found from the adjourned area of Tripura Border which comes under Bangladesh. Soon after that another incident has beefed up tension in the area.

ভারত-পাক সীমান্তে উদ্ধার বিপুল আগ্নেয়াস্ত্র

The arms and ammunition were kept in a white bag found buried under the soil, an official said. BSF troops found the bag with the help of a sniffer dog. The troops noticed suspicious movement near the Indo-Pak border after which they launched a search operation.

Cache of weapons was smuggled from Pakistan and dumped close to the Zero Line.The police will investigate who was the receiver of these weapons, the BSF DIG Rajesh Sharma said. He said the weapons will be handed over to the local police.