BSF Seize 2 Abandoned Pak Boats

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Ahmedabad: Border Security Force (BSF) seized two abandoned Pakistani boats from bordering Kutch district near Sir Creek are of Gujarat on Tuesday morning. The boats were found in the marshy region of Harami Nala creek which is around 400 km from the Indo-Pak border, BSF said in an official statement. The boats which were fitted with fishing gears were handed over to the BSF.

Investigation is currently underway to find out details of the boat. The police are also assisting BSF and are conducting joint investigation to find out the occupants of the boats. Officials doubt that the owners of boat have sneaked into some coastal village after entering the Indian coast.

There has been incidents were in fishermen often cross over in the Indian waters for fishing. They generally come in search of fishes and prawns.

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As officials did not want to breed any suspicion, police and BSF are thoroughly examining the area to find leads in the incident. With increasing threat of terrorist intrusion, the matter has been taken quite seriously.

However, according to the primary investigation the captured boats are normal fishing boats. The boats are around 30 feet in length and 5 feet in width and “appear to be normal fishing boats”, the statement added. “BSF seized these boats in Harami Nala area and has started an investigation,” it added.