BSF Jawan Tej Bahadur Slams Modi Over Corruption


New Delhi: Asserting that his woes have gone unheard Border Security Force (BSF) soldier Tej Bahadur Yadav in another video questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s desire to oust corruption from the nation.

Yadav who came in the limelight with his video on the quality of food being served to the Army, said that post revelations made by him, he is being subjected to torture and that no heed has been paid to the concerns raised by him.

“I want to ask the Prime Minister, that the food quality I had shown in the video was true but despite no action has been taken. I am being harassed for posting that video. Why is this happening? It was the Prime Minister who wanted to eradicate corruption from the country and I have just shown an instance of corruption within my department. Is this the result of pointing out corruption?,” he asks in his recent video.

Responding to the reports where it was mentioned that Yadav had 17 percent of his Facebook friends from Pakistan, he said that his phone was seized on January 10 and that his social networking accounted has been used without his permission.

“I came to know that my mobile phone has been meddled with and it is being said that I have found some contacts of Pakistan. I request you to not believe in such false rumours unless I communicate to you directly through any video,” he added.

Earlier, the BSF told the Delhi High Court that the allegations of sub-standard food made by Yadav were false and that no complaint was made in the matter.

In a video that has sparked a outrage, BSF soldier Tej Bahadur Yadav of the 29 battalion Seema Suraksha Bal is seen exposing the rot in the system by revealing the deeply ingrained corruption in the higher order, saying that the troops are not even getting basic three square meals.