Brutal Act ! Father Cuts Throat Tube Of 2 Minor Daughters In Haldia


Haldia: An example of brutality. A father has been alleged for cut throat tube of two daughters which led to death. The brutal incident took place on Sunday evening at Bhabanipur of Haldia.

Name of the girls are Puja Das(15), Sima Das (10). Biplab Das, father has escaped the village after the incident. Police initiated a search operation for him. Both bodies have been sent to a Haldia sub-divisional hospital for post-mortem.

According to the family source, mother of two daughter went to market to buy meat between 5 PM-6 PM when her husband and daughters were in the house. After returning to home, she saw the door is open and bothe of her daughters lying on the floor in bloodsheded condition.

The reason behind the incident is not yet clear. The police super of Haldia sub-division parijat Biswas said, “Father has been alleged for killing the daughters. An investigation will be followed in this incident.