Brushing regularly helps to avoid heart attacks


Washington: A new study suggests that brushing your teeth regularly helps avoid the risk of heart attacks.Researchers have found that people with oral infections have a risk of facing cardiovascular problems. Also, a strong link between periodontitis and strokes has been discovered particularly among men and younger people.A high dose of the commonly prescribed medication, atorvastatin, which boosts blood levels of lipoxins and resolvins, prevents and reverses gum and heart diseases in humans.

Dr. Thomas Van Dyke, of the Forsyth Institute in the United States, said, “Unraveling the role of the oral microbiome and inflammation in cardiovascular disease would likely lead to new preventive and treatment approaches. However, over the counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen can produce serious cardiovascular side effects.

Hence, Dr. Van Dyke recommends people take better care of their teeth to lower their risk of cardiovascular diseases and other related health problems.