Brothers Arrested For Swapping Wife


Kolkata: The torture of the youngest wife of Ballygunge’s Sen family was on for several years for demand for dowry. After not being able to extract ‘dowry’ money from her, her husband and brother-in-law allegedly started pressurising for swapping of wives. The wife filed a complaint at the Kareya police station on Friday. The police arrested both the husband and her brother-in-law.

14 years ago the woman was married to Ballygunge Park’s Arihant Garden apartment’s resident Suranjan Sen. Initially she was good in the Sen family. But, few years into the marriage, the in-laws started demanding dowry money from her. They started torturing her mentally and physically for not getting the money.

She alleged that her husband Suranjan Sen frequently forced her to have physical relationship with his elder brother Nilanjan Sen. Not only that but the family allegedly pointed out to her that swapping of wifes are a tradition in their family. She also accused her brother-in-law of physically assaulting her. Six months age she was thrown out of the house as a result of all these. Despite several efforts, she could not establish any communication or contacts with her husband.

On Friday morning she filed a complaint at the Kareya police station. The accused husband and his brother were arrested for mental and physical torture along with accusations of physical assault. They were produced before the Alipore Court.