Brother-In-Law Kills Sister-In-Law Over Property In Malda


Malda: In a shocking incident, a brother-in-law stabbed his sister-in-law to death
at Malda on Sunday. The mother’s 18-year-old son was also heavily injured while
trying to save his mother. The incident occured at Malda’s Harishchandra Pur police

As per local sources, a fight over the land was on between two brothers Uttam Saha
and Pratap Saha. While the brawl was on, the land was sold off. After this, again a
fight ensued over the money received after selling. On Friday night, Pratap went to
Uttam’s house to ask for his share of money. A fight broke out between Uttam’s wife
Gauri Devi and Pratap.

Suddenly, Pratap brought out a knife and started beating Gauri Devi at several
places of her body. Gauri started screaming in pain hearing which her son, Krishna
Kumar Saha, came to save her. When he came, he saw his uncle stabbing her mother
with a knife. Upon seeing this, he tried to save his mother but got injured in the

Hearing their screams, the villagers ran to their rescue. Pratap however, escaped
from the place. The villagers rushed Gauri Devi to the local health centre where
they pronounced her as brought dead. Injured Krishna Kumar was transferred to the
Malda Medical College and Hospital.

A complaint has been lodged against Uttam and Pratap Saha at the Harishchandrapur
police station. The police has started an investigation based on the complaint.