British PM Theresa May Wears Sari During India Visit


Bengaluru: Theresa May donned a sari on the final day of her trip to India to drum up trade for Britain, and declared her visit a success in her drive to build “global Britain”.

The Prime Minister wore the traditional Indian clothing as she visited the Sri Someshwara Hindu temple in Bangalore, the southern city which has become the IT sector hub of the sub-continent.

Theresa May visited the Sri Someshwara Hindu temple in Bangalore on the final day of a three-day trade mission designed to pave the way for close commercial links with India after Brexit.may-2

The PM has declared her trade mission to India as being a big success for Britain with a £1billion worth of deals being signed.

She went to India at the head of a 33-strong business delegation with the aim of bringing down barriers to commerce and paving the way for a free trade agreement following Brexit.

Speaking to Sky News at the end of her three-day visit, she said: “Leaving the EU presents us with a world of opportunities and I’m determined to seize them.

“That’s why I’m here in India, delivering on global Britain. And I have to say the response has been very good.

“During this visit, we’ve seen £1 billion worth of deals being signed and we’ve come to an agreement with the Indian government that we will work together with them on developing our trade relationship for the future.

“What does that mean? It means more jobs, more investment in the UK, more trade for British businesses and that’s good for everyone.”


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