British Officer Killed in Yemen


Sana’a: A Saudi-hired British officer who worked for the Blackwater company was killed by the Yemeni army and popular forces in southwestern Taiz Province.

“A British officer of Blackwater security firm was killed in al-Wazaya region in Taiz province,” a Yemeni army source said on Tuesday.

Elsewhere in Yemen, over 120 mercenaries, including the Saudi, UAE and US officers, were killed in the Yemeni troops’ missile attack on the command center of the Saudi-led coalition in Ma’rib.

“The Yemeni army missile unit fired a Tochka missile at the operations room of the Saudi-led forces in Ma’rib (on Sunday) and killed over 120 mercenaries with different nationalities,” Ali al-Houthi, an Ansarullah Movement Leader, told FNA on Tuesday.

“46 Saudi mercenaries, 11 UAE and 9 Saudi officers and 11 foreign commanders of the US Blackwater company were among those killed in the attack,” he added.

Houthi said that 6 Apache and 4 Black Hawk helicopters and 4 drones armed with missiles were also destroyed in the attack.

The command room of communications with the spying satellites and airplanes was also destroyed completely.