British National Arrested Over Dhaka Terror Attack


Dhaka: A BRIT has been arrested in connection to the Bangladesh cafe attack that left 20 foreigners and two policemen dead. Hasnat Karim, a Bangladesh-born British citizen, was scooped by police in Dhaka on Wednesday night. Karim has been arrested along with Tahmid Khan, a student at the University of Toronto.

Both were in the Holey Artisan cafe when armed ISIS fanatics raided the premises on the night of July 1.The gunmen took mainly Western diners hostage before killing 20 of them along with two policemen.

Most of the hostages were hacked to death in the bloodbath. Neither Karim nor Khan have been seen since the siege ended the next morning when commandos stormed the upmarket cafe. Their families have previously said their disappearance is because security services had already arrested the pair.

Dhaka police have named Canadian national Tamim Cowdhury as the mastermind of the attack. They have offered $25,000 (£19,000) for information that leads to his capture.