British Couple Shocked To See Crowd After Attending Mamata’s Mega Rally


Kolkata: Many people all over the bengal came to the brigade parade ground to attend the Mamata’s mega rally against BJP led government but a British couple at ground steal the show at last.

They do not know who is Akhilesh Yadav, do not know who is Sharad Yadav or Jignesh Meghani. Even they do not know what is the meaning of grand alliance. But the British couple reached the Brigade ground surprisingly.

The British couple is Tim and Megan Wilson is the resident of North New Castle. West Bengal Chief Minister already dreamed of making Kolkata a London. Tim and Megan first hesitated to face the questions. Asked why they were being questioned.

He said, they were surprised. So much crowd in such a big field. Tim Wilson said, “There are also political meetings in our country. A lot of people appeared there. But the number is not so much. “Megan said from the side,” There was a protest meeting for the European Union, there were two million people. But this is massive, too big ”

But how did they arrive in this ground? Tim said, “We traveled to India. I was in North India till now. From there we reached Kolkata three days ago. British couple will stay in the kolkata for more days. Then they will go to Assam.