British-Bangladeshi Nadiya Hussain To Bake Queen’s Cake


Los Angeles: The winner of last year’s ‘Great British Bake Off’, Nadiya Hussain will be baking a birthday cake for Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. British-Bangladeshi Hussain revealed this on Friday at ITV’s show “Loose Women”. She told that she has got the honour to bake the cake and has decided to make it “very citrusy”.

Nadiya said to the TV station, “I can’t get the words out” but added that she wanted to “drown it out” because she was so nervous. She told to her fellow contestants at Loose Women that how often does one get such an opportunity and how can someone refuse it.

Nadiya Hussain has decided to bake an orange drizzle cake and will be delivering it to the Queen on April 21. She confessed that she is so nervous that she is even scared to look at the oven. She got the request a couple of weeks ago but she revealed it on Friday.

Nadiya has three children who lives in Lutton. Nadiya said that her children has a full knowledge about this honour but they have kept it secret as she said that they are “good at keeping secrets about it”.