Bridge Collapse: Navy Divers Find Wreckage of Buses


Mumbai: Indian Navy divers have located the wreckage of the two buses submerged in water after a British-era bridge collapsed in Maharashtra’s Mahad region in Raigad district last week, killing 26 people.

Defence PRO told news agency ANI that the wreckage seem to be the parts of buses and were found fully submerged in about 4-6 metres of water and located around 170-200 meters from the collapsed bridge.

“After a long search for the last eight days, the Naval teams have located two bus wreckage submerged in the water at Mahad,” the Defence PRO said.

On August 3, the swollen Savitri river washed away the 100-year-old bridge at Mahad, about 170 km south of Mumbai, taking with it the two buses and at least one SUV.

The river, which turned into a torrent due to heavy downpour in its catchment area in Mahabaleshwar, weakened the foundations of the bridge, which ultimately gave way.

The ill-fated British-era bridge was to be dismantled in December this year as part of Mumbai-Goa Highway expansion project, the government said on Wednesday.