Bribery Case: Rs 100 & Rs 50 Notes In Answer Sheets


Lucknow: During U.P. Board exams, it was found that more than 10 lakh students either left their exams in between or did not appear for them at all. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s crackdown on cheating during Board Exams.

After the strict imposition of rules, the students might not have cheated but tried to bribe their way to some good marks. While the copies were being checked, officials were shocked to find Rs 100 and Rs 50 notes in several answer sheets.

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It was shocking for the examiners while the answer sheets that were being evaluated in Mathura, they found currency notes attached to several answer sheets at the centre. However, the incident of students trying to bribe teachers is not something new.

According to the examiners that the practice of bribing the evaluator is normal. Apart from attaching currency notes, the students had also written requests to the officials associated with the evaluation process. The official further added that the students who think they will fail for not doing well attach currency notes thinking it will help them in getting passing marks, the official added.

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In order to avoid any misconduct, the evaluation process is taking place under CCTV cameras. The evaluation process of Class 10 and Class 12 answer sheets started on March 17 with more than 245 centres being allotted for the process. The results of Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Board exams this year are expected to be out in the third week of April.