Brexit Will Make Islamic State Happy, Says British PM


London: David Cameron has said the leader of Islamic State would be happy if the UK voted for Brexit.

So, according to the Prime Minister, would Vladimir Putin.

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Making his case for Britain to remain at the World Economic Forum, Mr Cameron listed a number of reasons why the country was not diminished by working with European counterparts.

Then added: “It’s worth asking the question: who would be happy if we left?

“Putin might be happy. I suspect al Baghdadi might be happy.

“Our friends around the world are giving us a very clear message, they are saying ‘it’s all up to you, it is your sovereign choice’.

“But our friends in Australia and New Zealand and America and all around the world and all round Europe, they are saying ‘it’s all up to you, its all your choice, but we would like you to stay, we think it’s good for us and it’s good for you’.”

Boris Johnson said that it was a “bit much” to suggest that Abu Bakr al Baghdadi was an ally of Brexiteers.

He said: “One might argue it’s a bit much to start comparing people arguing for freedom in this country or the restoration of democracy in this country to say our allies are Putin and Daesh.

“I think that’s a bit much really.”

Johnson himself has been under fire for suggesting that the EU was trying to create a single European state like the Nazis in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph.

Donald Tusk, president of the European Council said: “Boris Johnson crossed the boundaries of a rational discourse, demonstrating political amnesia.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Mr Johnson hit out at Mr Cameron over the disclosure of a leaked letter between the chief executive of Serco, the outsourcing firm which has multibillion-pound contracts with the Government, and the Prime Minister on mobilising the pro-EU business voice ahead of the referendum.

The former London mayor described it as the “biggest stitch-up since the Bayeux Tapestry”.

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