Breeze Sharma Becomes First Defence Civilian To Scale Mt Everest


New Delhi: In a historic moment, B.M. Sharma, popularly known as Breeze Sharma, on Saturday morning, became the first Defence Civilian of the Indian Navy to summit Mount Everest, possibly being the first Defence Civilian to achieve this rare feat as well.

In his first attempt to conquer the Everest in 2015, an earthquake-induced avalanche hit the Everest Base Camp, thus obstructing his vision to complete the feat. However, despite being buried under heavy snow, Sharma managed to get out and even helped local authorities in the rescue operations conducted to help those who were fatally injured.

Subsequently, the Nepal government extended the permit for two years, thereby enabling Sharma to attempt once more and eventually succeeding.

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In 2016, Breeze Sharma gained rookie entry in the world’s toughest foot race, ‘Badwater’, a 135 mile-long race in the United States.

Sharma successfully completed it and earned himself the position of being the second and the fastest Indian at the event.

This year, he broke his own previously-held record of 24-hour Treadmill-Running Asian Record by clocking 202.50 km.