BREAKING: TMC Factional Feud In Birbhum, 1 Faces Bullet Injury


Suri: Panic and chaos spread at Nanur Chandipur area in Birbhum on Sunday morning after a person was shot over the alleged factional feud of Trinamool party.

Local sources confirmed that, there was an old stiff between – TCM leader Kajal Sheikh and the former legislator og Nanur Gadadhar Hazra.

A clash between took place on Saturday late night between Hussein Sheikh who is a follower of Kajal Sheikh and Anarul Sheikh’s group who is a follower of Gadadhar Hazra. The group of Hussein Sheikh attacked the Anarul Sheikh’s group.

There were widespread of conflict, followed with bombings, and several rounds of bullets in both groups. In this firing a member of Anarul Sheikh’s group was injured, a 25 years old Mukul Molla was seriously injured. He has received bullets on his left foot.

Five other members of the same group were seriously injured. Everyone has been taken to Bolpur Sub-division Hospital. Police patrolling continues in the village since last night. Police camps have been set up in villages so that no turmoil is spread again.