Part Of AJC Bose Road Flyover Sagged Near La Martiniere School, KP Discloses Reason



A part of Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose Flyover sagged near La Martiniere Kolkata which sparked panic for few minute. No casualty has been reported till now.

The incident took place near La Martiniere School. A video became viral in social media. Dust particles started falling from the down parts of the bridge which became the source point of panic among the people.

Initially, Lalbazar has been contacted soon after the incident and they informed that,”Something has happened but it is not yet clear.” Local Traffic Guard has been informed to look after the matter.

For the second time Lalbazar said that, “The Video is not fake that dust particles were falling from down parts of the flyover. But no accident took place, public Works Department has been informed. They will visit the place.

As panic started to spread, Kolkata Police has come up with the original reason. In their official Twitter handle they have posted that, “Please be informed that this occurred during a routine Maintenance work carried out by the H.R.B.C. Officials . It has stopped now and everything is as usual. There is no reason to panic.”