Technical Snag At Belgachia Halts Metro Services


Kolkata: Metro services disrupted in the city during the pick hour of Tuesday evening.The technical snag in metro at the Belgachia station leaves the commuters stranded.The services disrupted in the morning too.

Reportedly, the snag in a metro rail developed in the evening at the Belgachia metro station. Due to the glitch in the metro rail the train services are delayed.The metro services are affected between Dum Dum metro station and Surya Sen metro station.Several train are delayed due to bunching of trains on the route.Trains moving from Surya Sen towards Dum Dum are halted at each and every station for more than ten minutes.

As per source, train was halted in Shyambazaar metro station for more than twenty minutes.And there was no announcement by the metro department about the problem to the commuters.Hence the delaying scores of commuters.It is uncertain as to when normalcy would be restored.

In the recent days several snags faced by the metro trains has left the commuters in trouble. “Every other day there is a problem and many commuters like me get delayed for work and other things,” a passenger complained. The technical snag in metrorails has become a daily issue now for the commuters. Some passengers are very annoyed with the Kolkata metro rail services. They demanded that the Metro Rail authority should take this in a serious note and get a solution for this kind of technical issue. The commuters said that Kolkata metro rails should look into proper maintenance of the trains.

Metro Rail CPRO Indrani Banerjee said that “This kind of problems are faced due to overloaded passengers in the train.”

Metro service in was also interrupted on Tuesday morning due to technical snag at Masterda Surya Sen Metro Station. This left commuters in trouble as the problem hit in the prime time.

Reportedly, the incident took place 7: 35 am in the morning. The door had been closed automatically at Masterda Surya Sen. Soon after this a technical team of Kolkata metro assisted the passengers to get out of the situation.

Earlier, On Monday morning, 4th June metro services were disrupted after a Dum Dum-bound AC rake got stranded at the Sovabazar.

The train entered the station and stopped as usual to allow passengers to get off and board the coaches. However, the motorman failed to restart the train.

Metro Railway has 13 AC rakes. To run 300 services a day, at least 20 rakes are required. To ensure passenger comfort during summer, most of the AC rakes are pressed into service. With these rakes running continuously, the possibility of fatigue is high.