BREAKING NEWS: Shootout At Sarisha, 3 Arrested

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Daimond Harbour: Two persons of Sasahtra Seemarekha Bal (SSB) suddenly raided in search of a racket of seized-note trafficking gang. It turns into a clash. SSB retaliated with arms. A man died in fire.

A deadbody found from the cable-operator office at Sarisha. Name of the dead person is Altaf Jamadar. Reportedly, he was a resident of Diamond Harbour.

Daimond Harbour Police has arrested three person accused in note-trafficking racket. Among them two are SSB commander. Police has brought them to police station but surprisingly the arrested commander escaped the police station. He took the official cab of SSB to leave the police station.Police tried to stop them but they attacked rampantly.

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The team of SSB helped the arrested commander Dipak Kumar Singha to breach the police force and hijacked the accused from the police station. They have build a fake situation to run away.

Cheif Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed anger on this incident. It is completely unlawful as SSB did not inform state before the raid.

সরিষায় শ্যুট আউট, পিছনে বাতিল নোট পাচারচক্র

Police has reached the SSB camp ‘Parul’ to get a closure of such filmy incident.

No specific clue is there to trace the incident. But police is suspecting a touch of terror in the incident.