BREAKING NEWS: ‘Momo’ Message Sender Arrested From Katwa

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Katwa: After the Momo scare spread across Bengal everyone in the state, whether it’s a commoner or our administration all have pull up their socks to combat this fatal game challenge that has spread it’s wings in every districts of Bengal.In the meantime a sensational information has revealed, the Katwa police on Thursday has arrested an engineering student who allegedly has spread the Momo messages.He was presented before the Katwa court on Friday.

On Thursday, a second-year student of engineering was arrested by Katwa police for allegedly sending messages as Momo. The name of the accused is Arindam Patra. Resident of Ketugram. Police sources said that few days ago, a college student of Katwa district got a message from an anonymous number claiming to be Momo and asking to play a game. After the incident the student filed a complaint at Katwa police station. The accused has been charged under IT Act.

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After that the police started their investigation.Finally, the Katwa police crackdown the incident and nabbed the culprit behind the Momo horror. Katwa police sources said, Arindam utilized the internet in his evil motive, he concealed his identity in this task and created a number with the help of various information technology. From that number he started sending Momo messages to different numbers.

However, police still have a doubt, they are investigating the whole incident. Police filed lawsuit against Dharma in the IT Act. The whole issue is investigative, police said.