BREAKING NEWS: Kolkata Makes Green Corridor For Heart Transplant


Kolkata: First time in East India a major heart transplant initiation has been taken by the Fortis hospital in Kolkata. The harvested heart from the donor has been airlifted from Bengaluru. Within an estimated time of twenty minutes the harvested heart has been taken through the green corridor to the Fortis Hospital, EM Bypass.

The Kolkata police escorts VIPs almost every day. But on Monday morning it was guiding life for both Kolkata police and the Bidhannagar police. At 11 am on Monday, the harvested heart of Varun DK arrived at Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata on a special flight from Bengaluru.The entire road to the Fortis Hospital from the airport was turned into green corridor by the Kolkata and the Bidhannagar police.

Hospital sources said that Dilchand Singh, 40 years old, was admitted in Fortis Hospital.His family was trying for his heart replacement since a long time. But they failed to find a donor in the last three years. On last Sunday Varun DK suffered brain damage after he met an accident in Bengaluru.Later, the initiative was taken to replace the heart to Singh after doctors find out that both Singh and Varun have A(+) blood group. Eventually,with the consent of the two families, the harvested heart was brought down to Kolkata and going to be replaced to Singh in Fortis hospital under the observation of some eminent cardia Surgeons.

The Kolkata police gypsy and the fortis hospital ambulance carrying the harvested heart moved speeding down from the airport to EM Bypass, the cops eyes kept shifting between the wrist watch and the rear-view mirror. They were in a hurry but not to transport a VIP but to deliver life in the to a recipient at Fortis hospital.Every second was precious. The doctors were monitoring our movement. All the arrangements had been made and the patient and his family were waiting for the heart to arrive safely.

Amid this Kolkata made a history as the first major heart transplant in East India took place today in the City’s private hospital.

According to the hospital source the harvested heart reached the hospital before the estimated time. It is learned that two specialist doctors have come from Bengaluru, and 5 more doctors are in the team among which some doctors are from Kolkata Fortis.The surgery will be done under there observation.