BREAKING NEWS: Fire Breaks Out At Priya Cinema Hall, 4 Fire Fighters


Kolkata: Fire set out in Priya Cinema Hall at Deshapriya Park on Sunday night. Fire brigade are there with four fire tenders. Disaster management team of Kolkata Police is there. It is one of the biggest cinema hall of Kolkata. Many celebrities used to visit the place frequently for their official launch.

Police is suspecting few people can be stuck inside the hall. Reportedly a screening was going when few people got to feel smoke  around them.

Four people were inside the hall and they have taken out on the roof. No one stuck inside but the rescue team is scanning each corner of the building to assure safety. But rescue people said that the work became easier as the traffic pressure was low as it is Sunday night. Otherwise the place used to be a crowded place most of the time as it is the heart of South Kolkata.

Police has reported that the owner of Priya Entertainment Arijit Dutta stays near alongside the building who is safe with his family.

Many higher level administrative persons reached the spot within half an hour of the incident. Many administrative officials along with Mayor Sovon Chatterjee, Police Commissioner Rajiv Kumar also visited the spot. Tollywood actor Dev was visible when the disaster control team was working to extinguish the fire. After one hour of steady effort fire brigade somehow put off the fire but smoke is there. Police said an investigation process will lodged after this.

Police preliminarily saying that the building came in contact to the fire as a restaurant is there attached to the hall. But no conclusive comment has been made on this till now. Soon the team will come out with a detailed reason. No chance of casualties in the building till now.