Drugs Racket Busted In Kolkata Station, 5 Chinese Men Arrested


Kolkata: Five Chinese men arrested from Kolkata station by Sealdah GRP in connection with drugs smuggling worth Rs 40 crores on Saturday.

The GRP workers has suspected those chinese men who were roaming around. Police tried to interact with them and opened their bag and recovered huge amount of drugs. According to the police source, they have recovered 197kg which cost almost 40 crore.

Series of cell phones have been recovered from them. Police found legal passport of China. Police is looking for more people in the racket who act ads the medium to supply the drugs in Kolkata. Police is looking for the kingpin of the head.

Reportedly, all the drugs used to get supplied in expensive parties in city. But no connection in city has been found. Luxurious hotel, bar and highly expensive parties used to take those access.

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