BREAKING NEWS: Dengue Kills Housewife In Kolkata


Kolkata: A housewife from Muraripukur area died of dengue on Tuesday, alleged family members. The family members of the deceased housewife claimed that she died due to bites of dengue bacterial mosquito, not of normal fever.

শহরে আবার ডেঙ্গু মৃ্ত্যু, মানছে না পুরসভা

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Hospital sources said, the name of the deceased was Krishna Hazra. A few days earlier she was admitted to a hospital in the city with fever. She died on Wednesday morning. Although the KMC has denied the allegations.

Earlier, Dengue claimed another life in the city. A 10-year-old boy died in the wee hours of Tuesday at the Medica Hospital. Chaos broke out at Medica after the deceased’s family accused the hospital of negligence.

The deceased boy’s name is Aarush Dutta. A resident of Manicktala, he was suffering from fever since few days. On doing a blood test, it was found that he was suffering from dengue.