BREAKING NEWS: Crack In Dakshineshwar Skywalk


Kolkata: Within six months of the inauguration of the Dakshineshwar Skywalk, a crack was noticed on Wednesday morning. The place of crack has been barricaded already. One part of the skywalk has been shut down.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee inaugurated Dakshineswar Skywalk, a futuristic 10.5 metre-wide and 340 metre-long elevated glass-and-steel pathway from the Dakshineswar Railway Station to the compound of the famous and historic Kali temple. The Dakshineswar Rani Rashmoni Skywalk project was worth Rs 60 crore and consists of 14 escalators, four lifts, and a staircase. It has been built with an aim to make the devotees’ journey smooth.

The arch-shape skywalk made of glass and steel is 340-metre long and 10.5-metre wide. It connects the Dakshineswar railway station to the Dakshineswar Kali Temple. The skywalk creates a connection between the traffic rotary and the entrance gates of the Dakshineswar Kali Temple compound with a provision for 14 escalators, four elevators, and eight staircases to allow devotees and users to embark and disembark.

Along the centre of the skywalk have been set up 137 permanent stalls where the hawkers from the pathway below will be rehabilitated over the next seven days, the Chief Minister said on inaugurating the skywalk.

It is designed by architectural firm DFI, which also lent its expertise to ITO skywalk in Delhi. The skywalk integrates the walking concourse, escalators, and elevators with the railway footbridge, with separate lanes for motorised and non-motorised traffic.

It is a West Bengal government project and the executing agency is Kolkata Municipal Development Authority. Construction of the skywalk began in late 2016.

The inauguration was slated for the last puja, but it was finally opened on Monday (November 5).