Calcutta HC Directs SEC To Accept E-Nomination


Kolkata: Calcutta High Court on Tuesday comes up with the final verdict and clears the clouds of the E-Nomination submission. On this day HC directs State Election Commission to accept the E-nominations which were submitted till 23rd April 2018 evening 3:00pm.

A division bench of justices B Somadder and A Mukherjee directed the SEC to accept the valid nominations, filed through e-mail by 3 pm on April 23, which was the extended date for filing nominations for the rural polls.

The court passed the order on an appeal filed by the CPI(M) and directed that it pertained to those candidates, whose names appeared in the list submitted by the appellant before it.
The SEC had opposed the appellant’s plea to allow filing of nominations through e-mail, claiming that the West Bengal Panchayat Act did not have any such provision.

The CPI(M) had submitted a list of over 800 intending candidates, claiming that they were prevented from filing nominations at the designated offices and thus, had sent their documents to the SEC through e-mail.

The SEC had contended the claim, saying it had received 340 complaints on the last day of filing of nominations, of which 25 were sent through e-mail.