BREAKING NEWS: B’Desh Creates History, ‘Bangabandhu-1’ Successfully Blast Into Space


Dhaka: Satellite launching company SpaceX successfully threw Bangabandhu-1, the country’s first commercial satellite, to the orbit in US local time 4:14pm (Bangladesh time 2:14am),(India time 1:44am)

Through this launching Bangladesh will enter into a historic journey of elite satellite club and said people who are related with this process.Bangabandhu-1 satellite was scheduled to be launched early Friday Bangladesh time but it was postponed as the Falcon-9 rocket of launching company SpaceX auto aborted following a minor error 58 seconds prior to lift off.

State Minister for ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak, who is in Florida to witness the launch, said the satellite would be launched 36,000km up today with the newly-built Falcon-9 from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The launcher also kept a backup launch opportunity for tomorrow [BST] if the launch had to be cancelled again.