BREAKING: Human Skeleton Found At Birbhum’s Forest


Suri: The skeleton of a human body was found from a dense forest in Birbhum on Thursday. Chaos soon spread at Rajnagar area near Birbhum-Jharkhand border. While trying to collect leaves at the Aajimnagar jungle in Sahabad village under the Rajnagar police station, a person noticed the skeleton suddenly.

He saw something was lying in the forest. On going forward, he was shocked to see a skeleton head and bones lying. Chaos spread soon after this discovery.

The Rajnagar police rushed to the area and recovered the skeleton. The police, after primary investigation, assumes that the skeleton is of a woman.

Some utensils, clothes of the deceased were also found lying beside the skeleton. Seeing the clothes, the police presumed the skeleton to be of a woman.

Questions are arising as to how can a skeleton come inside a forest. Did anyone kill and put the body in the jungle and fled? The police have started an investigation.