Breaking Godown’s Doors Are Challenging For The Fire Officials


Kolkata: The fire tending officials are having a tough time trying to douse the major fire at Gariahat’s Traders Assembly’s complex. In this high-rise, one part contains two renowned saree shop’s godown. The fire which broke out last night, has become major in the morning.

But, the fire tending officials faced major problems in entering the godown. The officials said, “There are 3 doors in the entry for every godown’s security. Apart from wooden doors, these godowns also have grill and iron shutters. It is very difficult to break them and enter.” Hence, entering these became a big challenge for the fire tending officials.

Later on, the doors were opened with the help of drilling which led to the wastage of time for the fire officials. Due to the delay, the fire spread to different sides of the high-rise. But it was seen that while the 1st floor’s door was being broken, the godown at the 2nd floor was burning. On breaking the 1st floor’s door, huge amount of smoke started coming out of the godowns.

It was tough to fight against the smoke. A part of this high-rise holds Traders’ Assembly and Adi Dhakeshwari Bastralaya’s godowns. The other part has a residential complex.

There are a total of 13 flats in this high-rise, out of which major of them have been gutted in the fire. The locals are terrified as they fear that the building might collapse.

There are two entry-points to this building. In one entry point, many businessmen of Gariahat keep their things. Hence, difficulty was faced in entering this point.

The residents alleged that they have always complained of this, but in vain. According to the fire officials, the fire broke out at around 12 on Saturday night. It was not doused till Sunday 11 am. At first 19 fire tenders were pressed into service. Later on, 3 more engines were brought in.

An official said, “Our main aim is to bring the fire completely under control. On the other hand, the source of the fire is being searched.”

The smoke is also causing problem to the fire officials.

Reporting: Soyeta Bhattacharya
Editing: Saheli Dey