BREAKING: Excluded From NRC Draft, Man Commits Suicide


Guwahati: In a shocking news, a 37-year-old committed suicide in Baksa area on Sunday
after he found out that his name was excluded from the draft Assam National Register of Citizens (NRC) list.

Binoy Chanda, the deceased, was “depressed” after his name was excluded from the complete draft of the NRC which was published on July 30.

The Assam government released the second and final draft of NRC on July 30. 2,89,
83,677 persons were found eligible out of 3,29,91,384 applicants in the final draft
of the NRC. Names of 4,007,707 people were not included in the final draft NRC. Of
these, 37,59,630 names have been rejected and the remaining 2,48,077 are on hold.

Binoy was a resident of Tamulpur’s Dimilapar village in Baksa. Binoy, a daily-wage
earner, was found hanging from a tree outside his house on Sunday morning. Binoy
became a father twenty days back.

Locals said that Binoy was “fed up” after making several rounds to the Foreigner’s
Tribunal (FT) in a pending D-voter case related to his mother Shanti Chanda.

According to a local, “He exhausted all his money to fight the D-voter case of his
mother. To add more to his sufferings, his name was excluded from the complete
draft Assam. Binoy was worried and depressed and unable to take the stress any
further, he might have hanged himself.”

Another local added, “Binoy was a gentle person.He was keeping to himself in the
last few days. He has left behind a twenty-day old baby…what will happen to his
family now.”