Breaking: After Ushoshi Sengupta, Actor Jeetu Kamal Harassed At Midnight


Kolkata: Tollywood actor Jeetu Kamal was harassed while travelling back from shooting on Thursday night. Jeetu, on the other hand, is one of the most popular actors of Bengali television industry. The actor started his career with theatre and was a part of a number of hit shows like ‘Milan Tithi’, ‘Raagey Anuraagey’, ‘Rangiye Diye Jao’ to name a few.

Shortly before the news was published, Jeetu kamal posted a number of pictures of cars on his Facebook profile, which shows that scratches in different parts of the car. And shared 6-7 photos. He said , “I was returning from shooting at night, then so called “Dadas” was attacked me while they were driving their car with drunken mood. Then abused me and also. Then threatened to kill me…strange environment”.

Shortly after this, Jeetu Kamal shared the whole incident on Facebook Live. At the same time, he also complained of police seen as passive on lookers. His clear statement is that no more work at night.

Earlier, Ushoshi Sengupta, who was crowned Miss India in 2010 and is a model and actor, was harassed by a group of motorcycle-borne men at night when she was returning home from work in a cab with a colleague. The seven arrested persons and some other accused were charged with molestation and other offences.

Ms Sengupta said she was returning home along with a colleague in the cab, which was hit by a few bike-borne men who dragged the driver out and roughed him up.