Breakfast For Rs 3, Meals At Rs 5 Soon


Lucknow: In Uttar Pradesh, no one will sleep hungry as the Yogi Adityanath government will soon start restaurants for the poor where healthy food will be served at dirt-cheap prices.

As part of the government’s scheme, which is yet to be launched formally, ‘Annapurna Bhojanalya’ or restaurants will be started soon all over the state.

Officials said this is aimed to ensure the government’s aim that no citizen remains hungry.
In this restaurant, one will get breakfast at Rs 3 while lunch and dinner will be at Rs 5.

The menu at breakfast will be daliya, idli-sambhar, poha and chai-pakoda. While meals will have roti, seasonal vegetables, dal and rice.

According to sources, the chief minister has given a green signal to the project.

At a rally in Jhansi last month, the chief minister had announced that in the state on one will sleep empty stomach and everyone will get food.