‘Breakdown’ Behind Rush Of Election: BJP


Kolkata: The tenure of Panchayat will finish in August. BJP hurled a question that why Election commission is in hurry to finish the Election. Is it for the sake of election or to help Trinamool Congress ?

BJP General Secretary Rahul Sinha said on this, “the disruption in TMC clearly states that the party has been stampeded and internal clashes have weakened their team work. The internal clash pushing them to hold the Panchayat election. A revolt can outburst in TMC. So they want to finish the election as early as possible just to avoid defection in Trinamool Congress.”

ভোট নিয়ে তাড়াহুড়োর কারণ তৃণমূলে ভাঙন: বিজেপি

The state wise ‘dissatisfied’ TMC supportes have shifted to BJP soon after the announcement West bengal Election schedule. They are gearing up for controversial West Bengal Panchayat Election.

TMC has filed nomination at the end after all the rush. Grassroot is insecure to lose there man power ahead of Panchayat Election in West Bengal.