Safe To Consume Bread : Rejjaq Mollah


Kolkata: Food processing industries and horticulture minister Rejjaq Mollah assured on Monday that it is safe to consume bread in West Bengal.

Rejjaq Mollah on Monday held a meeting with the manufacturers of several bakeries. After the completion of the meeting, Rejjaq said that it is completely safe to consume bread in West Bengal. The breads in Bengal are completely safe.

Rejjaq Mollah clarified that no dangerous or damageable ingredients were mixed while making breads. He also added that tests confirmed such a statement. But he assured that though the tests prove that bread consumption in Bengal is completely safe, yet the State government would keep an eye on the issue.

The bread available in India could be laced with toxic chemicals that can lead to thyroid disorders and cancer, the non-profit Centre for Science and Environment, or CSE, said after conducting a series of tests. The Union health ministry has ordered an investigation into the matter.

The Union health ministry had ordered an investigation after CSE (Centre for Science and Environment) conducted a series of tests found that the breads which are available in India contains toxic chemicals such as potassium bromate and potassium iodate which could lead to thyroid disorders and cancer. Following this, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) ordered sampling and testing of bread products across the city