Brand New App For Drying & Cleaning


Kolkata: Dhulaiwala takes out the pain of doing your laundry by yourself and let you spend your time on more productive tasks. You may busy with your garments in washing and ironing where every second is precious, trying to maintain their work-life.

But a big Dhulaiwala, an app gives you solution to save you time. This is where Dhulaiwala fills in the gaps. You can place an order with just few taps on your Android Phones or iPhone. Our pickup and delivery staff picks your garments and returns you freshly done clothes. At first, register with your mobile number and then write how many cloths you wanted to wash or iron.   On the very next morning, dhulaiwala appeared on your doorstep to take your clothes. Dhulaiwala will return your clothes just after 72 hours.

Dhulaiwala gives you everything at just minimum cost. Washing price of each cloth is just only Rs-1, Rs-2 for pick up delivery, Rs-1 for iron cost and all is complete within 3 days. But the question is being raised that how you will get this service? Members of the app told that you first book in online and then you will provide with services. This service will provide with two ways. One is cost per dress and other is cost per Kg. To avail the service you first register the app with RS 99 and you will have deposit Rs 1000 at security money. Interesting is that, you will get this security money back after one year.

Director Dilip Kumar Agarwal said kolkata24x7 that this will help people to save their precious time. The company has started their journey from 11 October. The Dhulaiwala service will available at airport 1 no gate, kaikhali, baguihati, kestopur, Sinthir more. The company has plan to launch the service national wide.

Reported By- Sujoy Pal

Edited By- Piku Mukherjee