Brain Dead Patient’s Organs Transported Via Green Corridor To SSKM


Kolkata: A day after a patient was declared brain dead near Kolkata, West Bengal, several of her organs were being transported for donation to SSKM Hospital, Kolkata, on Wednesday through the green corridor method. A resident of Rajpur village near the Joka area, 49-year-old Anjana Bhowmik’s health started deteriorating on Tuesday and she vomited blood.

In a hurry, her family members took her to a nearby hospital but due to the absence of Intensive care unit (ICU), she was admitted to Narayana hospital at Andul in Howrah district. Bhowmik was kept on ventilation. However, at 9 pm on Tuesday, the doctors informed that Anjana had suffered acute brain stroke and 99 per cent of her brain has stopped working. The doctors also declared her brain dead.

Her family members agreed to the process of organ donation after which the health department was contacted. Speaking to Zee News, her husband Santosh said, “We were told that the death of the patient is certain and we agreed to the donation of her organs. If anybody benefits and lives with the organs of my wife it will be a matter of pride for us. There can be nothing bigger or greater for us than this.”

According to the doctors, Bhowmik’s heart and one kidney are being transported to SSKM Kolkata by the green corridor method.According to the Narayana Superspeciality Hospital Facility Director, Subhasish Bhattacharya, the doctors are also trying to get the other kidney and her liver. Bhattacharya thanked the state government for its help and support to help facilitate the process smoothly.

Bhattacharya added that the doctors are in the process of getting the other kidney matched with a patient of a local hospital in Howrah.  “We are also in the process of getting the other kidney matched with a patient of a local hospital in Howrah. Meanwhile, we are also looking for a suitable receiver for her liver as well. We are extremely thankful to the government for their help and support to help facilitate this process smoothly” said Bhattacharya.