Brahmos Supersonic Cruise Missile Successfully Test Fired


New Delhi: Brahmos supersonic cruise missile, a two-stage missile intended to be used as land-attack weapon, was successfully test fired by the Indian Navy on Friday. The test fire was carried out from a stealth frigate in the Bay of Bengal. A top Navy official, while speaking to PTI, confirmed about the success of Brahmos supersonic test-fire. The land attack missile produced the desired result on being test fired, he reportedly said.

Brahmos supersonic cruise missile is capable of being launched at a supersonic speed, due to the use of solid propellant booster engine. The biggest advantage of Brahmos is that the missile is equipped with liquid ramjet, which takes the speed of missile to as close as 3 Mach in cruise phase. The land-attack weapon is embedded with advanced software, which controls its movement in a swift manner.