Boys Burn Puppies Alive Sparks Outrage


Hyderabad: Three boys in Hyderabad are seen in a video setting three puppies on fire on Saturday. In the video recorded by the boys, a mound of hay, dry grass and twigs is set on fire while the puppies under it are heard squealing in terror. The yelps grow faint as the fire catches.

The puppies were tied together and dragged. One of them is seen trying to wriggle out of the burning pile. A case has been filed by animal activists Shreya Paropkari and Jayasimha Nuggehalli. “We get a lot of these complaints. We received a complaint yesterday on this incident,” Shreya told NDTV.

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Two weeks ago, two medical students in Chennai were arrested for throwing a dog off a building’s roof and filming her plunging to the ground. The students were granted bail almost immediately as activists urged for stricter laws to punish crimes against animals.

The dog they tortured survived her fall with a fracture to her hind leg and is being cared for now by an animal shelter.